Our Programs


Our highly qualified staff makes sure that your child thrives in our educational and playful environment. We always put your child’s safety first.

Fun with Friends

18 months to 3 years. Monday to Friday – 2 day, 3 day, and 5 day programs.

The Loving Cherries

6 weeks to 12 months: provides individualized care routines and developmentally appropriate play and activities.

The Caring Strawberries

13 months to 24 months: these formative years are important times for children to learn about moving, communicating, and exploring the world around them. We provide exciting projects, activities, and centers to stimulate your child’s growth and curiosity. We provide a safe environment where the children will develop their self-help and gross motor skills.

The Patient Pears, Kind Pineapples, and Peaceful Apples

Preschool: the Patient Pears and Kind Pineapples are children of ages two to three years and the Peaceful Apples are our potty-trained children of ages three to five years. These children will begin to learn the important building blocks for school readiness: problem-solving, language development, and responsibility for themselves and their belongings. Children will begin to learn reading, writing, and math skills, and they will also learn how to follow multiple instructions.

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